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The great outdoors.

Discovery and adventure awaits.

The great outdoors.

Discovery and adventure awaits.

The great outdoors.

Discovery and adventure awaits.

Natura 2000

Being part of a Natura 2000 site means that nature is at the centre of everything we do. Natura 2000 is a network of core breeding and resting sites for rare or threatened species and while it includes areas of protected nature reserves, the approach to conservation and sustainable use is centered on people working with nature rather than against it. As a Member State, we ensure that nature is respected at all times and that our resort is managed in a sustainable manner. The activities and facilities we offer all contribute to this founding philosophy.


Cyprus has been producing wine for thousands of years, there is even evidence that wine making on the island may have existed as far back as the ancient Greeks. At Minthis we love traditions so it was only natural that we would also harvest our own grapes to make wine. Our wine-making story began more recently, we have been producing red wine for more than 6 years from vines situated throughout the resort. In 2020 we also added a Rose vintage and in 2021 a White Xinesteri variety will be available.

We offer our guests the opportunity to explore the Minthis vineyards, or can help you arrange a visit the local wineries to discover how wine is made, and of course taste the latest vintage!

Bird Watching

Amongst the five million square metres of beautiful protected Cypriot landscape, there are over 334 species of birds and countless animals that call this land their home. Look for the protected Bonelli’s Eagle from the viewing points and discover other rare breeds.

Our resident experts are on hand to show you the best viewing spots as well as the rare species to look for.


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Star Gazing

The clear mountain night air and zero light pollution means that Minthis is the perfect spot to gaze up to stars. The 100 million-year-old stars of the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, and the Persiedes phenomenon of shooting stars occur regularly and be clearly seen in the summer months. If look close, you can see the milky way constellation and depending on the time of the year, Mars, Mercury and even Neptune.

We can help advise you of the best times of year and the best viewing locations at Minthis

Episkopi Environmental Centre

The Episkopi Environmental Centre is located just 5 minutes away from the resort and it shares the same values and philosophy as Minthis, aiming to highlight the ecological and cultural characteristics of the local Ezousa Valley and contribute to the to sustainable development of the area. Here you can learn about the local flora and forna in the exhibit hall with high quality photographic material, touch screens, dioramas mikrodioramas and collections or enjoy a walk through the botanical gardens full of indigenous and fragrant plants from the area.

To find out about the opening times visit our concierge team who can arrange a guided tour.


A Special Evening

A Special Evening

“My fiancée and I attended a wedding fair at Minthis and as a venue, it was unbelievable. From the moment we walked in we were greeted and made to feel comfortable and the whole experience was fantastic! We would highly recommend Minthis and will be returning for cocktails in the very near future.”

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