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Five adventure Pathways


Across its protected five million square metres, the Minthis Nature Trail is ready to be explored. Head out on foot or on horseback along one of the many paths and you’ll pass aromatic junipers clustered in forests, rugged gorges of limestone hiding timeworn shepherds’ caves and waterfalls, and over 20 varieties of orchid bloom. Listen as the fragrant and cool mountain breeze blows: it carries the sounds of countless species of bird, including the rare Bonelli’s Eagle. You’ll find yourself captivated at every step; touching, listening, smelling, seeing.


Minthis lies in the centre of the Cyprus wine region, which has been producing wine for over 5,000 years. Take a tour of the region’s vineyards before embarking on your own vinicultural journey. Residents can purchase their very own vineyard plot and learn about the art of wine-making, producing their own Minthis label. Tend to your vines or leave it to one of our expert vintners. Or, if you prefer, the Wine Cellar at The Plateia will naturally stock the best Cypriot vintages.


For those looking to explore Cyprus’ beautiful coastline, Minthis is the perfect point of origin. Head to the charming fishing village of Latchi for a boat trip into the breathtaking Akamas National Park. Divers will be in their element, spotting everything from octopus and moray eels to tuna and turtles at places like St George’s Island and Amphitheatre Bay. Laze on Caribbean-worthy sand by the crystal clear water of the Blue Lagoon or fall in love with the beauty of Aphrodite’s birth place, Petra tou Romiou. For those who prefer to stay on land, picture-perfect beaches are also just a short scenic drive away.


Minthis is surrounded by charming, traditional villages, where the pace of life is wonderfully slow, and the local people are always welcoming. Follow the winding mountainside roads to towns like Lefkara, famed for centuries for its exquisite lace. Legend says that even Leonardo da Vinci travelled here to purchase some in 1481. Wander the old streets – which are still lined with women at work on their lace – in search of deliciously sticky loukoumades (traditional honey donuts) or find a quiet taverna and watch the world go by.


Rising like Aphrodite from the waves, the Troodos mountains are Cyprus’ largest mountain range and a truly majestic place to explore. For the adventurous, mountain biking down through their rolling crags, pine forests and ancient villages is a unequalled experience, with views that will take your breath away. Combine action and antiquity by visiting the ten UNESCO-listed painted churches. Built between the 11th and 16th centuries, these astounding architectural and artistic relics are a colourful glimpse into Cyprus’ ecclesiastic past.

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