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The Plateia

A place of community and energy, where residents can discover authentic Cypriot hospitality, art and tradition, the Plateia will become the beating heart of Minthis. Evoking traditional village life, the main square is surrounded by a lively Lounge with Souvlaki Grill, Bar, Wine Boutique & Cellar, Grocer, several Boutiques and Galleries, a Members’ Lounge and Children’s Crèche.

The architectural aesthetic and quality materials compliment local character – natural limestone, terracottas from the clay, weathered juniper logs – and water features replicate natural wells. Ornamental, indigenous trees and plants help it merge with nature. Decks maximize views, creating the perfect spots to gather under the shade and watch the world go by, admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon. Come evening, an open-air amphitheatre will host live music and cultural performances.

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The Lounge is a beautifully open and minimalist structure designed for an immersive dining experience. Grab a souvlaki fresh from the grill at the Lounge's souvlaki bar or sit under a shaded tree in the square with a coffee and gelato. The welcoming open kitchen prepares a selection of delicious dishes based around flavourful seasonal ingredients.

Boutiques & Galleries

Five high-end gallery boutiques sell a carefully curated, beautiful selection of everything from local handmade crafts and jewellery to artwork and Minthis herb-infused essential oils.


Meet for drinks at the Bar, where large windows connect you to the main square and the aged timber, blackened steel, velvet and leather of the stylishly dark interior becomes an intimate backdrop for the surrounding landscape. Each handcrafted beverage is inspired by an infusion of hillside botanicals.

Wine & Boutique

Step inside The Plateia's dedicated wine emporium, a place to peruse our extensive, handcrafted wine selection, join Minthis' sommeliers for exclusive tastings and browse the exquisite charcuterie and cheese store for accompaniments any colour or vintage.

The Grocer

The Grocer is a convenient spot for residents to stock up on the freshest local produce from the Minthis estate and surrounding region – honey, olive oil, fruit and vegetables -and everyday essentials.

Make An Enquiry

For more information on Minthis or to request that a member of our sales team contact you, please fill in the form below.

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