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Holistic wellbeing that reconnects you to nature.

Minthis is intrinsically connected to nature and our wellness retreat blends the restorative power of local herbs and minerals with contemporary science to rejuvenate and restore. Here, breathe in the fresh air, awaken your senses with invigorating mint aromas in the sensory courtyards, experience the wet and dry plateaus of the Thermal Suites, indulge in a ritual or simply immerse yourself in nature with the panoramic views of the surrounding nature reserve and Troodos mountain range.



Our wellness philosophy balances the organic powers of nature with state-of-the-art innovation. We believe this combination enhances the holistic approach to wellbeing and allows us to offer our guests the very best in fitness facilities and training. As well as the very latest Life Fitness technology, we offer personalized programs on nutrition, injury recovery and personal training to help you achieve your goals. To complement high energy, specialist practitioners are available for Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Podiatry and Acupuncture.


Gym & Fitness Studio

With its state-of-the art equipment, our gym provides a complete sports training program encompassing cardio, strength training and improved flexibility. The gym is equipped with Life Fitness strength and cardio equipment as well as having a free weights area.

In complement to our high-energy fitness offering, the Spa also features a yoga pavilion and studio for Pilates classes and other mindful practices. A natural partner to our aromatherapy focus is the connection to the earth and its elements, and the entire Spa environment promotes peace, spiritual balance and contemplation.
The MINTHIS fitness team consists of dedicated Personal Trainers who conduct consultations and personal training in the gymnasium and studio.

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Escape to nature and spend a day at Minthis.

Entering Minthis Spa is like being included in a well-kept secret, there is a sense of indulgent exclusivity, intimacy, and privacy thanks to the spacious and stunning interiors. The bespoke Spa building emerges from the ground as if formed from nature and once inside, you begin a journey of discovery and reawakening, with experiences designed to stimulate the senses and rebalance – working with the multi sensorial contrasts of hot and cold, wet and dry, indoor and outdoor.

Including: locker, robe, slippers, and towels

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For thousands of years, the power of scent to regenerate and restore has put herbs at the centre of healing and medicine. The wellness philosophy at Minthis also puts herbs at the heart of our story, inspired by the area’s rich history of herbal use
and the abundance of herbs in the surrounding area.

The treatment menu has been designed to combine traditional massage techniques that stimulate energy points combined with specialist rituals which can be personalized to each individual needs. Our bespoke treatments incorporate infusions of indigenous herbs such as Oregano, Sage, Chamomile and Mint to invigorate, destress and calm, all grown on site in our herb garden and the central sensory courtyard.

Our 360-degree holistic approach to physical wellbeing and spiritual balance focuses on personalization to achieve your wellness goals. Our knowledgeable therapists and practitioners will support you through your wellness journey,
selecting treatments according to your personal pursuits.



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Foot baths increase your overall body temperature, which can relieve muscle and mental tension, alleviate stress, and increase white blood cell activity. Choose between a hot or cold-water jet foot massage. Boosting your immune system, and your overall health and wellbeing.

The salt room, tepidarium is a relaxation room with heated stone benches that is a great place to recharge one’s batteries with temperatures between 35°C - 40°C.
The steam room – Caldarium is heated to pleasant 45°C, the hot steam and high humidity levels helps open pores and eliminate toxins.


The Ice Fountain delivers crushed ice for an invigorating cool down body rub after a thermal treatment.

The Finnish sauna with a dry heat of 85°C and low humidity eliminates toxins, trigger endorphins, helping you sleep and relax. To revitalize yourself, head towards the nearby ice fountain or Plunge pool to close your pores.

For gentle relaxation, a temperature of between 50°C to 60°C and humidity of 45% to 65% is maintained to create a comfortable environment.


The experience shower delivers a multi-sensual encounter with temperature, water pressure, light and sound.

Our Hydrotherapy pool features built-in water jets of varying pressures and positions that offer massages for the legs, calf and feet. This Hydro massage relieves muscle tensions and promotes total relaxation. The heated benches overlook the pool, towards the stunning views, soothing away any thoughts or stress with the calming beauty of the land.

Small cold water plunge pool. designed to close the pores after enjoying the hot rooms, the temperature ranges from 10-15 degrees.


Our memberships are designed to offer you a holistic wellness experience at our private sanctuary. The benefits are suited to those who want to prioritize their health and wellbeing, giving them privileged access to world-class facilities and
the best therapists or advisors in fitness and nutrition.

The Journal



At every point of the compass, the landscape around Minthis is arresting; a varied, undulating conduit for adventure that will immerse you in its beauty all year round. From energising trails and aquamarine bays to mountainside vineyards and traditional towns, these five adventure pathways will leave you...

From Concept to Reality

From Concept to Reality

Minthis has reached a very exciting stage in its project lifecycle, as the ambitious long-term vision becomes reality with the final phase of infrastructure nearing completion. Minthis has true global appeal, with over 35 nationalities of buyers and more than 200 homes already sold and delivered. Having...

New Course Layout And Practice Facilities

New Course Layout And Practice Facilities

Our resort philosophy is all about providing the best possible experiences that are rooted in wellness, adventure and culture. In order for us to deliver this promise we are improving the golf course layout and our Academy facilities, creating an entirely new training area and 10th hole.

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