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Pafilia is a family orientated company, owned and managed by Mr. Elias Eliades and his family. The company was founded on close relationships and deeply cares about its employees, the local environment and the communities we build.

With our scale, culture, people, values and skills we are proud to create extraordinary, relevant and lasting communities. Through a unified and focused strategy, we continually engage in initiatives that enrich and strengthen the environment and the long-term sustainability of the communities we touch. We strive to make a positive impact in our homeland of Cyprus, so our corporate message, creating world-class lifestyle destinations, which improves the lives of its inhabitants and the local society, very accurately represents our company and the Pafilia brand.


Minthis is a unique destination inspired by the spirit of the protected Cypriot landscape. Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability story began here, when the resort concept was created. As part of a protected Natura 2000 site, spanning 5 million square meters, nature and the environment is deeply embedded in our DNA and influences all of our strategies. Our CSR policy covers all elements of the resort business including our luxury accommodation, the golf course and the specially designed infrastructure for the Residences ensuring the preservation and protection of the area.  These strategies and policies fall under three core pillars: environment and innovative sustainability, local culture and heritage and social responsibility.


Just 3% of the resort land will be built upon with the rest remaining untouched natural landscape. There are many indigenous species and protected flora and forna throughout site which means we follow a philosophy of preservation and restoration, combined with appropriate reforestation and encouragement of biodiversity to ensure conservation of the natural landscape.  There are three prime examples of this:

  • The masterplan of our resort was carefully redesigned to ensure the protected Bonnelli Eagle that nests at Minthis were not disturbed, successfully resulting in the Eagle returning year after year.
  • All of our building structures follow a guiding principle that determines how and where we build. The principle is the result from many research studies which have been conducted, which helped us develop a concept where the properties are built into, rather than sitting on top, of the landscape. This, with our determination to create an authentic Cypriot resort formed our unique concept which perfectly blends contemporary design with traditional Cypriot architecture in a naturally preserved setting.
  • The conversation and preservation of the 12th Century Monastery, Stavros Tis Minthis, which is situated within the Golf Course

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a key part of our daily operations due to the local warm Mediterranean climate. The Golf facilities at Minthis fulfil the best water management practices and have helped to establish our policy for efficient resource management.  This includes a sophisticated water recycling management strategy with two on-site reservoirs as well as water treatment and recycling.

All grey water from the Residences and Clubhouse is collected and processed through a water treatment plant which can treat 1500 cubic metres per day and used as irrigation water for the private, public landscaped areas and golf course.


Local Culture and Heritage

At Minthis we believe that successful tourism is linked with an ability to share local cultural experiences. We are passionate about our roots and take pride in showing our authenticity and all the beautiful island of Cyprus has to offer. Not only does this provide great guest experiences but it helps to keep traditions alive, creating new jobs for small businesses whilst actively contributing and improving the wellbeing of the local community.

Guests that stay at the resort have the opportunity to visit our 12th Century Monastery, Stavros Tis Minthis, where the resort derived its name. The Monastery is encircled by the golf course and has been renovated. Onsite there is also a herb garden, 5km nature trail which is part of the E4 European walking route and has a picnic area and natural waterfall, or you can take a tour of our vineyards. We also offer golf, biking, stargazing, birdwatching, wellness and yoga activities.

In addition to our onsite facilities, we actively promote and partner with a number of small local business to provide authentic Cypriot experiences and guided tours of the surrounding areas; such as lessons in how to make Halloumi cheese in one of the local villages, truffle hunting in the forests or visiting the Troodos Mountain villages.

Social Responsibility

As we evolve into a destination, tourism is our key focus so we create the necessary infrastructure for a nature orientated and sustainable operation. The people that operate our resort are the drivers behind its success and we work hard to create a healthy, safe and fair work environment for all which is both enjoyable and rewarding. We believe that if our employees are happy, they will help make our guests experiences’ more unique and memorable.

We are also committed to maintaining a close relationship with our local community and support it in any way we can. We harvest local homegrown goods with the help of local experts including honey from the resort beehives, refreshing mint tea from the herb garden, wine from the vineyards and olive oil from the groves, which we use as gifts. Our restaurant makes the most of the natural bounty from the resort to create mouthwatering menu and what is not grown onsite is sourced from local farmers and businesses.

As well as actively promoting local business we financially support and make donations to local organisations and initiatives we are passionate about. In 2019 and 2020 we donated over €50,000 to registered and charities and associations including the Episkopi Environmental Center, a local business, which we provide financial support and actively promote to our resort guests. They hold a similar philosophy to Minthis and aim to highlight and protect the ecological and cultural characteristics of the local area and Ezousa Valley.

A summary of our key milestones include:

Installation of 10 Bee Hotels and 2 road under passes for wildlife protection

Planting and maintenance of natural wild flower meadows, olive groves and orchards throughout the golf course

Over the last 5 years, 200,000 locally sourced native trees and shrubs with minimal water requirement have been planted

The resort joined the Green Dot Cyprus recycling programme in 2019

We introduced a zeroplastic initiative which aims to reduce, reuse, recycle plastic and eliminate single use plastic

Our marketing and in-room materials are printed on recycled paper made from crushed corn or grape pulp, we try to minimize the use of printed materials wherever possible

All our homes are developed according to the Cyprus Energy Efficiency Regulation of Buildings, with class A certification and include photovoltaic panels on the roofs which comply with EU regulations and connect to the EAC network

Our Golf course was the first in Cyprus to receive GEO Certification, an international eco-label for golf courses recognising our commitment to nature, resource conservation and community value

In 2019, we received the IGATO (Golf Tourism Organization) award for International Sustainable Development - Resource Efficiency.

In 2021, we received the most prestigious sustainability honour in the Golf Travel Industry: IGATO Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability

In 2022, we were awarded with the Green Key and Green Club accreditations

In 2022 we were re-evaluated and successfully achieve GEO certification status.

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