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The Sustainable Luxury Awards serve as a worldwide institution acknowledging luxury destinations for their sustainability and environmental contributions. As the demand for sustainable products and services continues to rise, both customers and entrepreneurs are seeking luxury experiences crafted with a foundation in sustainable practices and values. In the recent annual Sustainable Luxury Awards 2023-2024, Minthis resort secured a total of eight prestigious accolades. Among these, two are global, three continental, one regional, and two country-specific awards, across various categories.

  • Most Sustainable Luxury Spa Resort – Global
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Spa & Stay – Global
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Golf Resort – Continent
  • Most Sustainable Championship Golf Course – Continent
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Wellness Spa – Continent
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Lifestyle Resort – Region
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Mediterranean Restaurant for the Amaracus Restaurant – Country
  • Most Sustainable Luxury Day Spa – Country


Together Minthis, and its development company Pafilia, demonstrate their unwavering commitment to a sustainable environment through a unified and focused strategy. As a company, we continually engage in initiatives that enrich and strengthen the environment and the long-term sustainability of the communities we touch. We strive to make a positive impact in our homeland of Cyprus, so our corporate message, creating world-class lifestyle destinations, which improves the lives of its inhabitants and the local society, very accurately represents our company.

These international awards elevate Cyprus and Minthis, positioning them among the finest Spa and Golf resorts worldwide, commending Pafilia’s sustainable practices and holistic approach. Since the establishment of our company, we have been dedicated to achieving a balance between nature, humanity, and development. We are proud not only to meet but surpass the rigorous standards set by the Sustainable Luxury Awards, setting ourselves apart as advocates of responsible and mindful luxury among the most captivating destinations worldwide.

The Sustainable Luxury Awards don’t just highlight an environmentally-friendly destination seeking a luxurious image. Instead, they seek luxury designed upon real sustainable practices and values. Pafilia’s and Minthis’ commitment to eco-friendly practices, ethical business operations, and social responsibility are not just choices but integral parts of our identity as a land development company. Winning these awards at the Sustainable Luxury Awards confirms the multifaceted character of Pafilia as a Property Developer and applauds our efforts towards a more sustainable and responsible future for the luxury industry.

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