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Local Culture

A rich and diverse history ready for you to explore.

Stavros Tis Minthis.

Legend says that in the 12th century a large wooden cross was discovered, concealed in a cluster of mint bushes on this tranquil hilltop. It was considered a sign and a monastery was built on the very same spot: Stavros Tis Minthis. Today our monastery has been preserved and restored. Tours of this historic site, where the resort derived its name, can be arranged at your convenience and services are held 3-4 times a year.

To arrange local tours please visit our concierge team or press the Esquire button below.

The Archaeological Park of Kato Pafos

Located just 15 minutes away from Minthis the Archaeological Park of Kato Pafos is one of the most important archaeological sites of Cyprus and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1980. The Park includes sites and monuments from the 4th century BC to the Middle Ages, while most remains date to the Roman period. The intricate mosaic floors of four Roman villas (the houses of Dionysos, Theseus, Aion and Orpheus) form the impressive epicentre of the finds, and depict various scenes from Greek Mythology. The area also includes other important monuments, such as the Asklepieion, the Odeon, the Agora, the Saranta Kolones (Forty Columns) Castle, the Limeniotissa ruins of an Early Christian Basilica, and the Tombs of the Kings.

To arrange local tours please visit our concierge team or press the Esquire button below.


Pafos Harbour & Castle

Pafos has a rich and fascinating history, evident in the Medieval Castle located next to the harbour in Kato Pafos . It was originally a byzantine fort built to protect the harbour by the Lusignans in the 13th century, dismantled by the Venetians in 1570 and rebuilt by the Ottomans after they captured the island in the 16th century. It was declared an ancient monument in 1935. Many cultural events take place in front of the castle and during the Aphrodite festival in September the castle is venue for thrilling operas with artists of worldwide fame.

It’s well worth a visit and if you would like more information about local event please visit the resort reception or concierge team.

Beach Life

For those looking to explore Cyprus’ beautiful coastline, Minthis is the perfect point of origin. Head to the charming fishing village of Latchi for a boat trip into the breathtaking Akamas National Park. Divers will be in their element, spotting everything from octopus and moray eels to tuna and turtles at places like St George’s Island and Amphitheatre Bay. Laze on Caribbean-worthy sand by the crystal clear water of the Blue Lagoon or fall in love with the beauty of Aphrodite’s birth place, Petra tou Romiou. For those who prefer to stay on land, picture-perfect beaches are also just a short scenic drive away.

Arts and Crafts

Minthis is surrounded by charming, traditional villages, where the pace of life is wonderfully slow, and the local people are always welcoming. Follow the winding mountainside roads to towns like Lefkara, famed for centuries for its exquisite lace. Legend says that even Leonardo da Vinci travelled here to purchase some in 1481. Wander the old streets – which are still lined with women at work on their lace – in search of deliciously sticky loukoumades (traditional honey donuts) or find a quiet taverna and watch the world go by.

Petra Tou Romiou

Also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, this sea stack is located off the shore along the main coastal road from Paphos to Limassol. According to the legend, the Ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty – Aphrodite – was born of the sea foam here. Legend tells that she rose from the waves and was escorted on a shell to this particular beach. The combination of the beauty of the area and its status in mythology as the birthplace of Aphrodite make it a popular tourist location. Located just 15 minutes for the resort, it is well worth a visit.

Ask our concierge team for directions or press the Esquire button below.


Cyprus Tourism Awards

Cyprus Tourism Awards

We are proud to announce that Minthis has won four prestigious awards at the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2020. On the 23rd September, Minthis proudly received three gold awards for;

From Concept to Reality

From Concept to Reality

Minthis has reached a very exciting stage in its project lifecycle, as the ambitious long-term vision becomes reality with the final phase of infrastructure nearing completion. Minthis has true global appeal, with over 35 nationalities of buyers and more than 200 homes already sold and delivered. Having...



Topos Residences are the latest addition to the diverse Minthis Property Collection offering the sensorial qualities of outdoor living in the ultimate contemporary luxury. The inspiration behind Topos is the very environment in which it sits.

IAGTO Sustainability Award for Resource Efficiency 2020
02.10.2020 ·Press

IAGTO Sustainability Award for Resource Efficiency 2020

We are proud to announce a second sustainability award, the IAGTO Sustainability Award for Resource Efficiency 2020. This is the second prestigious award that Minthis Golf Club has received this year, after becoming the first course in Cyprus to be awarded with a GEO Certification. This latest award forms...

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